Advent 3: The Angel’s Song of Glory

The Angel’s Song of Glory

Luke 2:1-20
Luke 2 is one of the most famous passages in the Bible.It is the staple piece of every nativity play and it is heard in Hallmark Christmas movies. (I am no Hallmark movie expert, but I am just assuming.)

It is the passage Linus turns to in explaining to Charlie Brown what Christmas is all about.

But don’t let Linus’ smooth voice and your familiarity with the story hide from you it’s power… and it’s scandal.

For example, could it really be that there was no room for them in the “inn?”

Think about that.

No room for HIM.

No room for earth’s Creator and heaven’s King?
No room for the Son of David and Abraham’s Heir?


How is it that he could come unrecognized and unwelcome? How could he come to his own and his own not received him with open arms, fig cakes, and a red carpet?

Some of the Israelites were watching and waiting, but most were not. Most were preoccupied with their own concerns and unaware of what God was actually doing in the world.

Unfortunately, Jesus experienced rejection his whole life. He was driven out of his hometown. His family thought he was crazy. Many people flocked to him–as long as he healed and performed miracles–but when he began talking about “taking up your cross” they scattered.

And unfortunately Jesus experiences this type of rejection today.

Is there still no room for him?

No room for Him in our morning routines?
No room for Him in our weekend plans?
No room for Him in our finances?
No room for Him in our homes?
No room for Him in our thoughts?
No room for Him in our ambitions?

What they did in their ignorance, let us not do in willful indifference.

This Christmas, make room for Him!

In studying this week, I came across these wonderful lines from a Christmas hymn that dates back to the 2nd century and originates around Bethlehem. I love the title: Bethlehem Has Opened Eden. I love how they, from the very beginning, were connecting Jesus with Adam and Bethlehem with Eden. Here are a few lines…

Bethlehem Has Opened Eden

Come, let us see! We have found joy hidden!

Come, let us take possession of the paradise within the cave.

There the unwatered stem has appeared, from which forgiveness blossoms forth!

There the undug well is found from which David longed to drink of old! (Cf. 2 Samuel 23:15)

There the Virgin has borne a child, and at once the thirst of Adam and David is made to cease.

Therefore let us hasten to this place where for our sake the eternal God was born as a little child!




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