Advent Week 4 / Luke 1:39-55

 Mary’s Christmas Carol  

One of the most asked questions every Christmas is…Mary, did you know?
And this Sunday we get the answer! 

Sunday we look at one of the most famous passages in the Bible: Mary’s Magnificat. 

It is a beautiful, powerful song of joy. 

My goal is to help make Mary’s song our song. 
Her confidence our confidence. 
Her joy, our joy. 

But what keeps us from singing this kind of song? 

Her song is a triumphant song of joy and her emotions are the true emotions of Christmas. But these emotions…joy, hope, triumph…can’t be worked up from within. We can’t manufacture them, buy them, or have them delivered with two-day shipping. 

True Christmas joy is a gift. It comes down from above. It comes through God’s Spirit breathing life into God’s word and touching our hearts with it. 

And Mary’s song points the way. 

Sermon Notes:

1. Set the Stage: 

 The Setting: 

   The Singer: 

2. Hear The Song: 

1. What He does with His eyes (48-49) He watches over His servant

2. What He does with his arm (51) The Great Reversal

3. What He does with His mouth (54,55) The Power of His Word; 

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