Bible Study: Exodus 24-31. The Tabernacle Furniture

This week we continue our walkthrough Exodus and we come to the building plans for the Tabernacle. This might seem like an unlikely place to have a close encounter with the living God: the detailed instructions for setting up God’s tent. But here we learn about who we are and who he is.

Overall Structure:

A.1: The Promise of the Tables of the Law (24:12-18)

B.1: Materials for the tabernacle: (25.1-9) 

C.1: Tabernacle Specifications (25.10-27.21) 

  • Ark: (25.10-22) 
  • Table: (25.23-30)
  • Lampstand: (25.31-40) 
  • The Dwelling (26.1-37) 
  • The Courtyard (27.1-19) 

C.2: Tabernacle Officiants: (27.20-30.10) 

  • Priestly Duty: tending the lampstand (27.20-21) 
  • Priestly robes (28) 
  • Priestly consecration and work (29.1-46)
  • Priestly Duty: tending the golden alter (30.1-10) 

C.3: Tabernacle Functioning (30.11-38) 

B.2: Workmen for the tabernacle: according to the Divine pattern (31.1-17) 

A.2: The gift of the Tables of the Law. (31.18) 

He first forms and then he fills. 

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