Daily Word // 7 Prayers for Dark Days

Today’s Text: Psalm 119:25-32

 Today’s Song: Holy, Holy, Holy 


7-prayers for days of darkness: 
– In times of depression, we need divine truth revealed, grasped, and meditated upon.

(25) My soul clings to the dust…

  1. Revive me life according to your word 
  2. Teach me your statutes
  3. Make me understand the ways of your precepts (application of your word)
  • teach me…understand…meditate; the part played by the mind in dealing with depression; divine truth is received, understood and then pondered;

(28) My soul weeps because of grief…

  1. Strengthen me according to your Word 
    • lit: to lift up; depression knocks you down and the word lifts you up;
  2. Remove the false way from me
    • He is not asking for a change in circumstances but that the false way would be removed; he would be one of integrity; he knows he is in danger of walking down a false way;
  3. Graciously grant me your law;
  4. Do not put me to shame

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