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Today’s Verse: 1 Samuel 1

Today’s Song: Leaning on the Everlasting Arms 


Today we pause our regularly scheduled programming and look at 1 Samuel 1. 

1 Samuel begins at one of the darkest moments in Israel’s history. They are oppressed by the Philistines, fractured by division and their leadership is compromised morally. 1 Samuel is one of the greatest political tracts ever written, yet, it begins in an unexpected way and with an unexpected person. 

A barren woman and a family dispute, why

Here we see that the first great movement of restoring and establishing the kingdom is found in the domestic witness of a divided home, not in the corridors of power and by political intrigue.

Here we are given a window into how history actually works. A window into the way things are actually turned around. And we see that the greatest of social earthquakes can find its epicenter in the most unlikely places.

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