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Today’s Verse: Galatians 3-5

Today’s Song: Leaning on the Everlasting Arms 


Today we move into a new section: chapters 3-5. 

In the first two chapters, Paul has argued that grace is the gift of Christ. It is the amazing self-giving of Christ who has given himself for me, and now I no longer live but it is Christ who lives in me.  And this gift gets worked into our lives through the:
– call fo God 
– the creation of new life
and now we are told about the gift of the Spirit.

And this gift was given to both Jews and Gentiles regardless of “merit” or of “works.” And this gift radically reorients and reorders the identity and the allegiance of believers.

Now we move into chapters 3-5, and they are an intricate discussion of law and promise, with a very complex weave of Scriptural quotations and personal experience. 

Here we see how the concept of grace, of the gift, of the gospel, is essential to making sense of both our own personal experience and the Bible. 

Reading Challenge: 

  • Read through chapters 3-5 several times. Make a note of the back and forth between their experience and the Scriptures. 

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