Daily Word / Our Final Cry

Today’s Text: Psalm 119:169-176

Today’s Song: Holy, Holy, Holy 


Today we come to the final section of Psalm 119. And fittingly, it is a great final cry. 
Here we have a: 

1. A cry to be heard. 169-170 

Biblical praying often begins here, with a cry to be heard. Even though there is a deep intimate relationship there is no cocky prancing into his presence; 
– keyword: before you… 
– a cry for revelation and grace; 

2. A cry to praise 171-172 

– here is a cry for help making the appropriate response; 
– keyword: lips, tongue; this is all about the words of our mouth; how we respond; 
– “for” 
    – praise is the proper response to revelation; for teaching; that is how biblical teaching works; it should lead to praise; JI Packer: “theology is for doxology” 
    – praise for what they are; they are righteous 

3. A cry for help 173-174 

– these last 4 verses have a strong element of personal testimony; I have…I long…my delight…
– help making the right choices; I have chosen; I long for, your law is my delight…now help me live like it; 
    – the great cry to help me live up to my own desires; my own values; 

4. A cry to bring me home 175-176

– of all the ways this could end; this grand, golden alphabet; I have gone astray…I am a lost sheep; God bring me home; 
– it is forcing on us reality…and there is no reality greater, more true than our own feeble, lost, stumbling nature; 
– twofold solution:
    – 1. God to seek us; divine action; 
    – 2. Personal obedience: I will not forget; here is where I will resolve;

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