Ephesians 5:15-21: The power of the right songs

In this sermon we begin a new series on worship.

There are few things as powerful as the songs we sing. The right song can help us remember things we should never forget. It can help us forget things we should not remember. It can soften us when our hearts are hard or cheer us when our hearts are down. They can energize us, entertain us, and encourage us. Songs are powerful.

And because they are powerful they are also controversial. Few things have caused as much wrestling and wrangling in churches over the past few decades than music. Beginning last week, and continuing for the next few weeks we will be looking at the songs we sing in worship.

My goal is give you a deeper appreciation for both the songs we sing and the structure of our worship service. Songs are powerful. But so are stories. And we intentionally shape our songs to draw you into the gospel story.

The outline for this sermon:

  1. The power of the right song
  2. The problem of our songs
  3. The production of His song

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