Exodus 19-24

Spiritual but not religious?

Now that we have finished our deep dive into the Ten Commandments, we are going to get back into the story of Exodus. My goal this week is to reorient you to the rest of the book and to introduce our key theme for the rest of April and May. 

We live in a culture that wants to be “spiritual” but not religious. 

People are open to and seeking a  connection to a “higher energy,” yet they deliberately reject the more formal elements of “religion.”
We are spiritual but not religious. People want to encounter God…but the question is how? 

The fundamental point that will shape the entire series is this: according to the Bible, real spirituality is not reaching out toward God or looking inward toward self, but responding to the living God who has spoken and acted and comes to you. It is only as one gets to know the God revealed in the Bible that one will see Him as He truly is and then begin to have the motivational structures of one’s heart transformed.

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