Exodus 25-31 | Welcome to God’s House  

Throughout history humans have constructed some amazing buildings:
   the Great Pyramids,
   the Parthenon,
   the Taj Mahal,
   the World Trade Center,
but the most important structure ever built was the structure we will look at this week: the Tabernacle of God.

This is the only building ever designed by God Himself and constructed according to His architectural plan.

You can learn a lot about someone by the type of house they build and this entire structure was laid out in such a way as to teach us about the character of our savior and the way of salvation. 

To provide more resources to engage with the text and help our community groups, here is an expanded outline with discussion questions: 

Notes for Personal Study or Community Groups 

The entire structure is designed to teach us how to live in God’s presence. 
Big Idea: Life with God, in the house of God is the goal of creation. 

  1. The Preparations they need: (25:1-9) (What is required to build God’s house?) 

                  1. A Willing Heart (vv.1-2) 

                  2. Sacrificial Generosity (vv.3-7) 

                  3. Meticulous Obedience (vv.8-9) 

  1. The Pictures they paint: (25:10-40) (What does the design tell us about who God is?) 

              1. The Tabernacle: A Picture of God’s Living Room 

                        God’s space is to be holy and welcoming.               2. The Ark: A Picture of God’s Favorite Chair 

                        God’s mercy seat was made for meeting mercy seekers.               3. The Table: A Picture of God’s Dining Room 

                         God’s table is for “fellowship-food” not fast-food. 

                         For every person in every season. 

  1. The Patterns they provide: (25:9,40) 

Jesus is our tabernacle and He is the pattern for how we “do” church and “do” life. 

You can learn a lot about someone from their room…what would your room “teach” to others about you? 
Why is there so much attention to detail in this section? 
How can you prioritize meal times with those you love? With God? With friends? With family? 
How can you enter into the light of the Lord this week? 
Who can you reflect the light of the Lord to this week? 

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