Exodus 4:1-17 | Here I am… Send someone else!

The character of Moses lives in the memory of both Jewish and Christian believers as a towering figure. He is remembered as a mighty leader, a great teacher, and a colossal man. 

But it is important to remember where he started. In chapters 3 and 4, we encounter a Moses who is deeply insecure, uncertain of himself, and apparently unworthy of the task God has called him to.  

Here is a literary outline of Moses’ excuses and objections: 

A. I am not the man you need: Moses’ Inadequacy (3:11) 
    B. I don’t have the knowledge I need: Moses’ Inability (3:13) 
        C. I will fail: Moses’ Ineffectiveness (4:1) 
    B. I don’t have the skill I need: Moses’ Incompetence (4:10 
A. I am not the man you need: Moses’ Unwillingness (4:13)  

Can you relate? In what areas of your life do you feel:

  • Inadequate?
  • Unable?
  • Ineffective?
  • Incompetent?  

How does God overcome Moses’ deep insecurity? 

How can God overcome yours? 

Join us tomorrow as we see how God, with gentile, firm, and persuasive patience, answers all Moses’ objections and overcomes all his insecurities. 

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