Friday Prayer / From Panic to Peace

Today we turn our attention to Psalm 4.

One of the biggest challenges in times like this is establishing and maintaining healthy routines. And Psalm 4 and 5 give us the routine of evening and morning prayer. 

In these Psalms, David finds himself in a time where:

  • his future is uncertain, 
  • his name is slandered, 
  • his family shattered, 
  • his life’s work is threatened, 
  • his home is in jeopardy, 
  • and he could lose his life…

other than that…his life was pretty good. 

His whole world had been disrupted and he was in great danger. 

So what does he do? 

He recommits himself to morning and evening prayer. 

Follow along as we follow David down the path from a place of panic and pressure to a place of peace. 

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