Friday Prayer // Psalm 107

We are dedicating Friday’s for prayer and fasting.

Today we are going to orient our prayers around Psalm 107. In Psalm 107 God is calling for all the redeemed to gather in a four-part choir to sing His praise. 

There are four groups and each group is given their own part to sing. 

Group 1: (v.4) Those lost in the wilderness 

Group 2: (v.10) Those in prison

Group 3: (v.17) Those who suffered sickness 

Group 4: (v.23) Those who are caught in a great storm

Each group is transformed when they call on the name of the Lord: (v.6,13,19, 28)  
And then each group is invited to praise:  (v. 8, 15, 21, 31)  

The Call to Worship: (1-3) 

  • Pause to ask the Lord to bless his people with a song of praise; may their hearts be filled and their mouths speak his wondrous praise.
  • Pause to offer your own expression of thanksgiving for the mercies you received this year. 

Those Lost in the Wilderness: (4-9)

  • Pause here to offer up requests for those you know who are aimlessly wandering in the wilderness. Those who need to be lead by the Lord. 

Those Bound in Prison: (10-16)

  • Pause here to offer up requests for those who are bound in slavery: (addictions, pride; envy, anger).

The Sick: (17-22) 

  • Pause to offer requests for those who you know who are sick. 
  • Pause and ask the Lord to unleash His Word. 

The Storm Tossed: (23-32) 

  • Pause to offer up requests for those you know who are in the midst of life’s storms.  

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