Getting Back into Matthew

I am really excited to get back into the Gospel of Matthew. 

We began walking through Matthew on January 5, 2020. 

A lot has changed since then. And we have taken a few detours, but I am excited to finish it up this year. 

Now, why in the world would we want to spend so much time in such an old book?

Let me give you three reasons: 
1. Life is short…Matthew will help you not waste it. 

2. Life is complicated…Matthew will help you simplify it. 

3. Life is confusing…Matthew will help you clarify it. 

Matthew offers to help us experience significance, simplicity, and clarity. 

If those sound like things you need in your life, then this series is for you.

This week we will reorient ourselves to the book and then next week will jump into Chapter 21. 

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