Good Lord, Deliver Us | Matthew 27:1-26

The Lord’s prayer paints a vision of life in God’s family. That life has three parts: a life of devotion, a life of dependence, and a life of danger. 

Jesus teaches us to pray daily that we will be delivered from evil. This is a plea for protection. But in our comfortable routines of life, we do not think of ourselves as being in danger. 

But we should. 

Over the next two weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, we will walk through Matthew 27. The key theme of the first part of Matthew 27 is that Jesus was delivered over to evil. He was delivered to the religious authorities, who delivered him over to Pilate, who delivered him up to be crucified. 

He was delivered up…so we can be delivered from. We can be delivered from evil because He was fully delivered over to evil.

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