– IMAGE IS EVERYTHING – Part 2 | The Second Commandment | Matthew 11:1-6

Recently famed director Martin Scorsese announced he is working on a new film about Jesus.  

Hollywood depictions of Jesus make me nervous. Sometimes, you get faithful attempts to depict Jesus, but other times, you get irreverent folly, like Will Ferrel’s prayer to “sweet Baby Jesus.”  

But the temptation and the danger of making a false image of Jesus is one we all face. And this week, we will illustrate the second commandment with the final episode of John the Baptist’s life. As he languishes in prison, he sends messengers to Jesus asking: Are you the one to come, or should we look for another? 

John is struggling. He is doubting. Jesus is not acting like John thinks he should…doing what John thinks he should be doing. And John is in danger of stumbling. And if he is in danger, then so are we. 

This week, we will look at how easy it is to create a false image of Jesus and how we can have our false image fixed. Here is the outline: 

1. The Wrong Image 

2. The Right Question 

3. Watch Your Step

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