Matthew 21:23-46 / Throwing Punches and Painting Pictures

In our text this week, we have a clash of authorities. 

Jesus is in a battle. 

A verbal battle. 

A theological battle. 

A spiritual battle. 

Of course, there is no physical violence here, but make no mistake, this is a battle. The key question is one of authority. Over the next two chapters, Jesus will throw three “parable punches,” and the religious leaders will respond with three accusations masquerading as questions, in which they are trying to trap him. 

The core issue is one of authority. 

But the core application is one of faith. 

The great double theme of this section is faith and judgment. 

What does real faith look like? 

What happens to those who reject Jesus?  

 Each of these“parable punches” is an act of judgment upon the religious authorities, and each is also a picture of what it means to be a faithful follower of Christ. 

Let’s dodge the punches and live the pictures. 

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