Nehemiah 8-10 | Delight in the Lord 

Nehemiah 8-10 tells us about one of the more remarkable times of revival in all of history. Throughout the long, dark days of exile, days of longing and languishing, Nehemiah’s ambition and Ezra’s calling is not simply to reconstruct the city’s defenses but to revitalize the spiritual community. And chapters 8-10 show how that revitalization can happen.

God’s living and active word becomes explosively real in the life of God’s people. There is enthusiastic worship and a commitment to obedience that has not been present for over two hundred years. Not since the days of Josiah has Jerusalem seen anything like this.

Nehemiah 8 gives us the pattern and pathway to experience true joy. But what Nehemiah and Ezra soon discover is that rebuilding a ruined city is much easier than forming a vibrant, faithful community.

Do you feel stuck?

Do you feel discouraged?

Nehemiah 8 is for you.

Here God gives us His path back to joy. 

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