Question Authority? – The Fifth Commandment  –

“Honor your father and your mothers…”

This week, we turn our attention to the fifth commandment. This command focuses on our view of authority. 

To many, this command seems so stuffy, so conservative, so oppressive. 

If you look at our hero’s and listen to our songs you would think that our real national anthems have the theme of: Questioning Authority.  What was a countercultural slogan in the 60’s has become mainstream now. 
Teenage rebellion is seen as a right of passage. 

But what happens when we question authority? Do societies thrive?  

Join us tomorrow as we look at the fifth commandment, and see how healing and hope giving this command really is. 

Here is our outline:  

1. What is the command? 

2. How do we do it? 

For Adults: 
   1. Find the appropriate symbols 
   2. Let them see themselves in you 
   3. Let them change 
   4. Forgive them 

For Kids: How do you honor God? 
   1. Praise Him  
   2. Serve Him 
   3. Listen to Him 
   4. Trust Him 

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