Revelation 2-3: Sardis-The Shame Game

In this sermon we conclude our series in Revelation. Here we see Jesus exposing a church who had a great reputation, but not the life to back it up.

Jesus exposes the gap between their reputation and their reality. The gap between their outward appearance and their inward reality.

Key theme: what do we do about the gap…the gap between others prescription and our reality…the gap between our projection and our reality?

Key point: Shame is what we feel when the gap is exposed. Grace is what we experience when the gap is closed.

Sermon outline:

  1. The Separation of Shame 
    1. What 
    2. Why 
    3. Where
  2. The Stench of Shame 
  3. The Solution for Shame 
    1. Adam’s way 
      1. Hide
      2. Cover 
      3. Blame 
    2. Jesus’ way 
      1. His call 
        1. Start 
        2. Stop 
      2. His promise 
        1. Walk 
        2. Wear 
        3. Hear

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