Revelation 7: A Diverse and Delivered Community

The Victory of Jesus and the Vision of Trinity

Sermon text | Revelation 7

  1. A Diverse Community
    1. 4-fold distinction
      1. Nation
      2. Tribe
      3. People
      4. Language
    2. What brings unity?
      1. Their common place
      2. Their common dress
      3. Their common voice
  2. A Delivered Community
    1. What He does:
      1. His Presence
      2. His Provisions
      3. His Protection
    2. Who He is:
      1. Jesus: shepherd and guide
      2. God: Tear-wiping


What causes the divisions in our community?

  • emotional, personal, spiritual, lifestyle, nutritional, educational, political, racial, economic, class, vocational, accomplishments.

“We are a tear-wiping organization.”  What is causing the tears here?

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