Sermon / By Nothing but Prayer / Mark 9:1-29

This week we begin a new short series on prayer and spiritual formation. Today we look at the story in Mark 9 where the disciples fail to drive out the demon that was tormenting a boy.

After their failure they ask Jesus why. And he tells them: This kind can come out by nothing but prayer.

In this message we mediate on this line, and we learn three things:

  • 1) THIS KIND – The first thing they will need to learn is how deep the problem is they are facing.
  • 2) NOTHING BUT….The second thing they need is true brokenness. And awareness that the power they had was not adequate for the problem they faced.
  • 3) PRAYER – And finally they will need to know that if the demon is in too deep in the boy, the only solution is to get the gospel in deeper in them…and that can only happen by prayer.

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