Sermon: Entering an Atmosphere of Grace Part 1 (Matthew 6:11)

Generous Dependence

As we enter into the second part of the Lord’s Prayer, we turn our attention to our environment. 

What would it be like to live in an environment of grace? Of generous hospitality? Of daily joyful dependence? 

All week long we swim in a sea of anxiety. We are battered by the cultural currents of self-aggrandizement, self-assertion, the winds of judgment, and negative scrutiny, and waves of criticism, guilt, and self-justification. Every day we have to navigate the demands of a touchy world, an active devil, and our sinful tendencies. 


But the power of the gospel is to place you in a new environment.

The glory and goal of the church is to help you walk into a new kind of community, in a new atmosphere.

When grace becomes the environment you live in, the air you breathe then everything changes.

You are no longer as focused on what is wrong with the world, which is obvious.
Or what is wrong with us, which is plenty.
But on what is right with Christ, which is endless. 

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