Sermon / Faith that Doesn’t Fail / Luke 22:31

We all know what kind of situation we are in if:

  • – in a waiting room during a loved one’s operation, the doctor comes and tells us that the surgery is taking longer than expected because they are trying to keep a vital organ from failing.
  • – or if we are on a plane and we hear the pilot say he is working to keep the engine from failing.

So what kind of situation does Peter find himself in for Jesus to say: He is praying to keep Peter’s faith from failing?

A serious one.

Peter is in a serious situation…and we are too. Over the last few weeks, we have seen that Satan is “sifting” all of us…and he wants our faith to fail. So what does that mean?

Today we will think about how to keep our faith from failing in difficult times. We will ask three key questions:

  • 1) Why does Satan want our faith to fail?
  • 2) When does Satan expect our faith to fail?
  • 3) How do we protect our faith from failing?

Be sure to join us…because faith comes by hearing the Word…

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