SERMON // Jesus’ Baptism and Ours

When Cynthia taught first grade one of the weekly highlights for me was hearing the report from “Show and Tell.” I loved hearing about nervous Dad’s bringing in the lego Death Star, or frogs being snuck in lunch boxes, or some family heirloom being brought into class without the parents knowledge. 

Show and Tell is not only the weekly highlight of first grade. It is also a key way the Bible teaches. The Gospels and Acts often give us the “show” and then the Epistles give us the “Tell.” 

This is especially true for how the Bibles teaches things like Baptism. 

First, it shows us many different baptisms in the Gospels and Acts. And then it tells us what they mean in the Epistles. 

This Sunday we will look at how Matthew shows us Jesus’ baptism in Matthew 3, and then we will listen to what Paul tells us about Baptism in Romans 6. 

We will see how baptism: 
1. Paints a picture of how Jesus deals with our ultimate problem. 
2. Paints a picture of how God defines us personally. 
3. Paints a picture of how the Spirits delivers to us a daily pattern for power. 

This will be one show and tell you don’t want to miss! 

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