Sermon / Matthew 10:5-15 / When the Going Gets Tough: The Relationship Between Persecution and Mission

Matthew 10 is Jesus’ sermon on missions.
He is preparing his followers for their mission.
In verses 5-15 He gives them power
They have power over sickness, the devil, death, uncleanness,
BUT they do not have the power to escape opposition.

In verse 16 there is a shift in focus: what is the relationship betweenpersecutionandmission?

Jesus is preparing them for some of the deepest wounds and most difficult experiences of their lives.
And we have to ask: 

  • How is this meant to help them? 
  • Why is he so stressing the bad news? 
  • Why so little promise of success? Lives changed? Cities transformed? 
  • Why so much talk about suffering, betrayal, even death? 

COME, let us taste and see together

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