SERMON // The House that Jesus Builds – Confessions of a “Ministry-holic” // Luke 10:1-22

Today, we will be hearing from one of our elders, Rob Corbin.

Some of you may remember the catchy little chorus by Oswald Smith from way back — “There is Joy! Joy! Joy in serving Jesus! Joy that throbs within my heart; Ev’ry moment, ev’ry hour, As I draw upon His power, There is Joy! Joy!, Joy that never shall depart!”  

Today we’re going to consider joy in ministry and how, in my case, it became a subtle idol in my life that eventually robbed me of that very joy I craved; led to eventual burn-out and nearly a nervous breakdown. We’ll consider Luke 10:1-22 and especially verses 17-20 to take some time to carefully meditate on Jesus’ instruction to his followers who returned so pumped and excited from the joy of ministry they were experiencing.

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