Sermon // The House that Jesus Builds – Crisis Management Time // Acts 6:1-7

As we continue our series on The House that Jesus Builds, today we enter into rooms filled with conflict and crisis.
When crisis comes to Jesus’ house, how does he expect his people to respond? What has he put in place to help them navigate it?

Today we will imaginatively enter into board rooms and living rooms that are in crisis. And we will learn that in Jesus’ house we each have a role to play and responsibility to take.  Here are some notes to help you follow along:

Sermon Notes: 
Text: Acts 6:1-7 

1: growth of the church 
    1.c: the problem faced 
        2-4:      the meeting called; 
            the solution offered 
    5-6: The proposal accepted
7: the growth of the church 

The Problem they faced: (2) 

The Proposal They Make: (3-4) 
    1.    they select 7 men 
    2.    they must meet specific qualifications 
    3.    they are tasked with solving the problem 

The Reasons they give: (4) 

The proposal accepted: (5-6) 

The Reason this matters: 

    •    The Prophet proclaimed the truth of God to the people. 
    •    The Priest cared for the people by mediating reconciliation between God and people. 
    •    The King was to order and advance God’s rule among his people so that they would be a signpost of God’s reign to the World.

Which am I? 
Which of the following resolutions seems most important to you?
    •    “The hungry widows are now being cared for by the church.” (Priest)
    •    “The Apostles are now freed up to study and preach the Word.” (Prophet)
    •    “Oh look how wonderful! Now we have a structure, everyone knows their roles, and the mission of the church can move forward!” (King)

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