Sermon // The House That Jesus Builds: The Foundation // Matthew 16-20

Home renovation projects have a tendency to take on a life of their own. And sometimes you get into them and you realize…this isn’t turning out quite as I thought. 

You plan…you measure…you cut…you install…and then…you realize…this isn’t quite right. Redesigning a bathroom? Make sure things are all fit before it is too late. Or, sometimes you can see the finished product…and think…that couldn’t be the actual design…could it? Did they forget something…or just not follow the blueprints very well?

I am excited today to start a new series called:
Blueprint: The House that Jesus Builds ~ Matthew 16-20 

In Matthew 16-20 Jesus gives us his plan for building His church. And I think this is the most important section of Matthew for where our church is today. 

In just over five years of our church’s life, we have experienced three major life stages. And I believe we are moving into a fourth. The goal of this stage is to lay the foundation for enduring ministry in our community for generations to come.

Our desire is to be a God-centered and Grace-saturated anchor church in this community, and this is a perfect time to slowly, thoughtfully make our way through Jesus’ own blueprint for how He is building his church.

In these five chapters, Jesus paints a beautiful picture of what he wants his house to be. It is a beautiful picture of a truly counter-cultural community.

And it is the type of house that we all, truly, deeply long to live in. 
His house is the type of house that we all want to be a part of. 
His house is worth knowing about. 
His house is worth building. 

I hope you plan to join us over these next few months as we unpack Jesus’ blueprint for building his house. 

Here is the outline: 

Phase 1: The Foundation (Matthew 16:13-28) 6 Sermons: January 30- March 13 

16:13-20 The Confession: 

  • 3 sermons on the foundation:
    • The Teacher (Feb 6)
    • The Ruler (Feb 13)
    • The Savior (Feb 20)

16:21-28: The Commitment (Cruciformity) 

  • 21- 23 Jesus’ rebuke of the false way (Feb 27)
  • 24-28 Call to Discipleship (March 6)

Phase 2: House Rhythms – 6 Sermons: March 13-April 17 (Easter)

  • 17-1-8: Up and into the Presence;
    • 3 sermons on Worship and transformation (March 13-27)
  • 9-13: A vision for sacrifice and service- a vision for leadership (April 3)
  • 14-20: Down and out into the world; A mission to heal (April 10)

Phase 3: House Rules – 6 sermons: April 24-May 29

Chapter 18: The House Rules Part 1: for His house (17:24-18:35) 

We are committed to loving sacrifice 

Who we are:

  • April 24: sacrificial love’s flexibility 17:24-27
  • May 1: satirical love’s humility 18:1-5
  • May 8: sacrificial love’s sensitivity 18:6-9

What we do:

  • May 15: Sacrificial love seeks 18:10-14
  • May 22: Sacrificial love confronts 18:15-20
  • May 29: Sacrificial love forgives 18:21-35

he House Rules Part 2: For Our House (19-20) 

4 Sermons: June 5-26

God’s will for your marriage, money, and work

  • June 5: Marriage: 19:1-15
  • June 12: Money: 19:16-30
  • Work
    • June 19: One group is looking down on others; Spiritual Pride: 20:1-16
    • June 26: One group is looking to climb over others: Spiritual Ambition 20:17-28

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