Sermon // The House That Jesus Builds: Time to Call the Repair Man // Matthew 16: 13-28

As we continue our series on The House that Jesus Builds, our theme today is healing.

Our key question is: How does Jesus continue his healing work today? 

If you need your kidney, or your carburetor, or your plumbing repaired you know where to turn.

For example, if you need your brain repaired a plumber might not be that much help.

Also, whatever repair work you need, there are specific tools for that job. 

Again, if you need brain surgery a monkey wrench might not be your best option for the job.

But where do you turn when you need a broken heart repaired?
A broken relationship? 

Today we are talking about Jesus’ continuing ministry of healing, especially healing broken relationships. 

And the tools he uses to heal them might surprise you. 

Sermon Notes: 
Matthew 16: 13-20

The Work of the Priest/Deacon  
    The Task: healing broken relationships 
    The Tools: sacrifice 

“The Diaconate exists to contribute to the building of a repentant and rejoicing community through loving, truth-telling relationships where practical, visible needs are being met while hearts are being changed through encounters with Jesus and one another.” 

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