Sermon // The Lord is my shepherd – Leading by Following // Psalm 23

In Matthew 16-20 Jesus gives us his plan for building His church.
We’re looking at the foundation.
Last week we saw that one non-negotiable foundation for Jesus’ house is His ministry of teaching. 

Today we are going to look at a second non-negotiable foundation: Christ’s Leadership.
Our next core confession is that we confess that Jesus is King. He is our leader. 

Leadership is a hot topic: the books abound, the conferences are constant, the podcasts are perpetual. 

But what is true “Christian” leadership?

In order to lead, you must first learn to follow. 

As Tom Nelson says, the first responsibility for a Christian in any position of leadership is to draw near and follow their Good Shepherd…follow him in tender intimacy, daily obedience, and a lifestyle of joyful worship. 

Psalm 23 might just be the best text in all the Bible to teach us what it means to truly follow our Good Schperhed. And given this past week, I can’t think of any other text I need to meditate upon that this one.

So join us today as we soak in Psalm 23. 
Before you can lead, you have to be led.
And this is how He leads His own. 

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