The Lord’s Prayer: Our Father

This week we are beginning a new series on the Lord’s prayer. 

The Lord’s prayer is probably the series of words that have been repeated more than any other words in human history.

It can be memorized by children.

It can be repeated in less than a minute.

And it can reorient your desires, refocus you in distraction, and reorder you in confusion.

It is a masterpiece of simple profundity, concise depth, and spiritual glory. 

And I can’t wait to spend the next 9 weeks dwelling in it. 

Here is the Outline:

Sermon Notes: The Lord’s Prayer 

Matthew 6:5-15

  1. The Beauty of the Prayer 
    1. Why you need this
      1. Know yourself 
      2. Really change 
      3. Know God 
      4. Handle life  
    2. Why we need this
      1. God-Centered 
      2. Grace-Saturated 
  2. The Barrier of the Prayer 
  3. The Basis of the Prayer 
    1. Inheritance 
    2. Access 
    3. Identity 

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