The Tenth Commandment | Do Not Covet; Soul Cancer | Psalm 72 and John 21

This week, we will wrap up our series on the Ten Commandments. 

The final commandment focuses on one of the most serious soul conditions: coveting. This is a cancer of the soul and must be aggressively dealt with. However, it is very hard to detect and even harder to treat. 

Here is our outline: 

1. What is the disease? (Diagnosis)

2. What does it do to you? (Symptoms)

    1. It sneaks 
    2. It steals 
    3. It sours 
    4. It shrivels 

3. What is the cure? (Treatment) 

Our key truth is:
   Coveting thrives when you look at another and say: “why not me”
   Coveting dies when you look at the cross and say: “why not me” 

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