Treasure Hunters // Matthew 13:44-46

When Eric Lawes set off for a field in Hoxne village, Suffolk on November 16, 1992, it wasn’t on a treasure hunt. The metal detector he’d received as a retirement gift was meant to find a hammer lost on the farmland. But the detector picked up a strong signal in the earth, leading Lawes to start digging, and it quickly became apparent that he had indeed found something so much more valuable that a lost hammer. He stumbled upon the buried treasure of a Roman aristocrat named Aurelius Ursicinus. And his discovery would change his life, and challenge long held assumptions about the Roman world of ancient Britain.

What if I told you there was treasure…ancient, and hidden. That was close to you, and if you found it you life would never be the same?

In this week’s sermon we unpack Jesus’ two parables about hidden treasure and precious pearl.

Here is the outline: Matthew 13:44-46

1. Spiritual Treasure is here…but hidden

  • Spiritual treasure is hidden in “ordinary” people
  • Spiritual treasure is hidden in an “ordinary” book
  • Spiritual treasure is hidden in “ordinary” activities
  • Spiritual treasure is hidden in an “ordinary”

occupation 2. The Joyful pursuit of spiritual treasure

  • They discover the value with their minds;
  • They are motivated by the value in their hearts;
  • They live out the value with their lives;

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